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Did You Think I'd Forgotten?

Written October 2nd to October 4th.  Finally I've returned to writing L'Arc fics!  Sadly, it seems my own fic stopping life crisis coincided with everyone else, so there hasn't been much happening in the L'Arc communities...  Hopefully we can all bounce back soon!  Anyways, I wasn't very satisfied with this fic as a comeback, but my proofreader assures me it's good, so I thought it's better to share something than nothing.  Anyways... On a special day, Yukihiro waits for Hyde in that place.

He hated to be busy today of all days, but there was nothing for it. Well, maybe he could have thrown a fit and had the live rescheduled back when the tour schedule had first been tentatively decided, but that just wasn't in his nature. Yukihiro was just too reserved for that. It wasn't like it was the first time he'd had something scheduled on this special day, it was just that usually they were together.

It was moments like this that he really missed working with L'Arc. He sighed, brushing that thought aside and shrugging on a jacket in preparation for what was sure to be a chilly day. It wasn't like this set up was permanent, they'd be back together again soon he knew, but today...

Nothing for it. There was plenty of time before the live. Hyde knew what day it was, and he knew the place. It wasn't like Yukihiro was in the wrong city or something—he was back home for this part of the tour—he'd make it work.

He went out the door, allowing himself a smile in a moment of unfettered happiness as the sun splashed down on his face. Today he'd get to see Hyde. Being apart for work only made that part of today even better.

He let his feet lead the way. He'd been to this place so many times he thought he might just be able to find it blindfolded. Crossing the street might be a little dangerous, though, he reflected with some amusement. The breeze tugged at his hair—a brisk reminder that autumn was here—but the sun was warm and his jacket was sufficient to fend off any chill.

He exchanged polite greetings with a street vendor as he walked past. She'd been working in that same spot for as long as he'd been walking past it to meet Hyde. It was part of a surprisingly familiar routine.

Let's meet here again next year.” He could still hear Hyde's words in his head, even now years later. That next year had turned into yet another next year, and another next year, and now every year they met up in the same place on this special day.

Yukihiro stopped. He'd reached his destination, the park was basically the same as last year. The leaves had just started to change color. It was pretty, but nothing particularly spectacular or in any way special. It just happened to be the place where they'd been that day.

There was a spot under a tree where he liked to sit, he flopped there to wait, shutting his eyes he tilted his head back and inhaled the scents of autumn. With his eyes shut he could almost imagine Hyde was there with him, and it was that first day.

Ne, Yukkie,” Hyde murmured, “it's beautiful here today isn't it?”

Yeah,” Yukihiro agreed, watching the wind blowing through Hyde's hair more than he was watching the scenery, “it's beautiful.”

Hyde smiled, looking out across the park scenery that was spread out before them.

It's best if I'm here with you.”

“Hey Mr, you awake?” A child's voice interrupted his thoughts, and he opened his eyes with a start. He hadn't fallen asleep, at least that was what he thought until he saw where the sun was in the sky.

Yukihiro, shifted, finding himself uncomfortably stiff. “Sure, I'm awake. What is it?”

“But you were asleep?” The little boy said with a grin, “Weren't you?” Before he could reply, the child laughed and said, “You were, I saw you. Why are you sleeping in the park?”

“Just waiting for someone.”

“Gee they must be real late, huh?” The little boy started to say something else, but stopped short when a voice called, “Kazuki!”

“That's my onii-san,” he said, “guess I'd better go. Have a nice nap Mr.”

Yukihiro watched him go with a slight smile, and settled back in to wait. He still had time before the live. He'd told Hyde about the live, so he was sure the other man would come soon. Perhaps he should have laid out a more specific time, but they'd always been pretty relaxed about this day. It wouldn't be the same if they laid out a strict schedule.

Hyde had been late that first time, too.

Did you wait long?” He asked when he found Yukihiro sitting under a tree, cocking his head to one side and smiling in that adorable way he had.

No,” Yukihiro said, even though he'd been there for almost a half hour.

Hyde flopped down next to him, “Good, I was worried since I was so late.”

He'd waited longer than that today, but then again he hadn't set a particular time—before the live would probably be best was all he'd said. Who knew when Hyde would show up?

He waited—messed around on his phone a little while—and waited some more. Eventually it was time he had to leave to get ready for the live and Hyde still hadn't showed. He was beginning to feel a little worried, and he didn't want to leave until after he'd seen Hyde but there was nothing for it.

Looking around one last time, just in case the singer had turned up just now, he quickly typed up a text for Hyde. 'Gotta go to the live. See you after?' And hit send. He'd just have to wait for a response.

The live went well, even though he felt a little off with the whole suspense of waiting, but afterwards when he checked his phone there was no response from Hyde. Feeling a little miffed, and just a tiny bit anxious, Yukihiro decided to head back to the park to see if maybe Hyde was waiting for him there.

He was disappointed, but flopped back under the same tree to wait with determination. What else could he do? Pulling out his phone again, he sent another text. 'Done with the live.' Maybe Hyde was just waiting for him to be done.

Feeling more than a little pessimistic, Yukihiro leaned his head on his knees. He'd hardly been there for a moment, when a welcome voice reached his ears.

“Konbanwa, Yukkie.”

He lifted his eyes to see Hyde standing very nearly within kicking reach—he considered doing just that for a moment, but then decided against it.

“You're late.” He said instead.

“Did you think I'd forgotten?” Hyde asked, looking a little abashed.

“Just a little.” Yukihiro said.

Hyde flopped down next to him with a pout, “How could I forget our anniversary?”

Yukihiro shrugged, then wrapped an arm around the smaller man. “I said before the live would be better, you know.”

“Well see, it was a long drive, and then I got lost, and then I got in an accident and maybe I should have called you or something but I didn't think of that.” Hyde rambled with a sheepish grin.

Yukihiro laughed. “That sounds like you. At least you're okay, and you made it in the end... But what would you have done if I hadn't still been here?”

Hyde snuggled up to him, “I never once thought you wouldn't be.”

Let's meet here again next year.”

I'll be waiting.”


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Oct. 7th, 2013 05:04 am (UTC)
sweet. i've missed your Yukkie/Hyde tales. i hope there will be more. :)
Oct. 7th, 2013 01:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^^ I've missed writing them ~
Feb. 9th, 2015 03:36 pm (UTC)
OMG it's been a while since I read a new yukido fics..how I missed reading yukido.. Really happy to see a new fic from you (new for me since I haven't been on LJ for quite some time now) =)

Edited at 2015-02-09 03:39 pm (UTC)
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