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Summer Challenge #7: Headlights

Written August 16th and 17th for the prompt 'Things That Go Bump in the Night Abroad' from the GacktJOB fics summer challenge. This is based on a common scary story which my grandma says really happened somewhere near here to someone... It makes a better scary story when the person in the car is alone, but oh well. Now they just look hopelessly oblivious, lol. The park they visit is the Interstate Park on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, not sure which side the description resembles more though. Anyways... Description: Ju-ken and Chachamaru meet up for a date in the States, but afterwards someone follows them back.

Ju-ken was in the area with Vamps and he and Chachamaru decided to meet up and go to a nearby state park and go hiking as a date. It would be fun, and they could see some sights. At the park they rode a paddle boat with a bunch of other tourists, and the guide told them stories about rock formations along the river and how deep the water was. It was interesting. Afterwards they climbed down the stairs to see the inside of a pothole, then they went hiking and Ju-ken insisted on climbing over the large boulders like a silly little kid on a jungle gym.

Unfortunately they managed to get hopelessly lost—although in a way it was fun because they didn't realize for quite some time that they were in fact lost—and by the time they figured out where they were it was starting to get dark, so they hurriedly made the decision to turn around and go back before it got too late. By the time they made it back to the car, Chachamaru was wishing they'd brought a flashlight.

“I can't see a thing,” Chachamaru whined.

“I guess we should have just brought a tent and camped out,” Ju-ken joked.

“Or at least a flashlight, I didn't think we'd be here this late.”

Chachamaru, forgetting that Ju-ken had probably locked the car, pulled on the handle of the passenger side door. It opened, “You forgot to lock the car,” he teased.

Ju-ken shrugged, and got into the driver's seat with a nonchalant, “Oh well.”

As they pulled out the entrance of the park, a truck fell in behind them. “I guess we're not the only one's who stayed kind of late,” Chachamaru remarked.

“Yeah,” Ju-ken agreed, then added just to tease Chachamaru a little, “I bet they brought a flashlight though.”

They drove in comfortable silence for a little while, with the truck ever present behind them. As they turned yet again, Ju-ken said with an uncomfortable laugh, “I guess they're going the same way we are.”

They drove for a little while longer, and after a little bit Chachamaru started to fiddle with the radio, eventually settling on something moderately bearable if perhaps not all that exceptional. Glancing in the side mirror he saw that the same truck was indeed still behind them, in fact it had gotten rather close, practically on top of their bumper, he supposed he would have been freaking out if he were the one driving—somehow Ju-ken seemed rather calm still. There was a quiet rustling sound which he attributed to Ju-ken shifting in the next seat over.

That was when the truck flashed it's high beams, and Chachamaru very suddenly found himself blinded. “Holy shit, that was bright.”

Ju-ken nodded, although he hadn't been looking in any of the mirrors so he at least wasn't seeing spots—probably a good thing since he was the one driving. “Maybe they hit the wrong lever.” Maybe like him they were driving an unfamiliar vehicle. Still, it seemed strange and rather annoying.

A few minutes of Chachamaru complaining about his blindness later, they pulled up to a stop sign. As they were stopped, checking for traffic and about ready to pull out again, the truck behind them turned on its high beams. There was a rustling sound again, which both attributed to the other moving.

Ju-ken peeled out of the stop sign anyway. “Okay, now that's just annoying. I hope they turn soon.”


A few random and moderately pointless turns later the truck was still behind them and Ju-ken was starting to feel kind of freaked out. “I think they're following us.” He said, “My evasive maneuvers haven't thrown them off our back yet.”

“Is that why we're wiggling along the streets like a confused rat in a maze?” Chachamaru asked in an attempt at appearing unperturbed even though he too was starting to feel concerned by the odd behavior of the people driving along behind them.

“Yeah, I was trying to lose them, but every time I turn, they turn too.”

“Just don't get lost, okay? That would really make the perfect ending to this outing.” Chachamaru said.

Ju-ken let out a slightly odd sounding chuckle, “Yeah. Right. Don't worry, I'm fine.”

They slowed down for a sharp corner and once again the truck's high beams shone through their car. This continued as they drove through areas both more and less populated until Ju-ken was thoroughly convinced that the people in the truck behind them were some kind of serial maniacs.

The truck was still behind them, flashing its lights periodically when they pulled into the hotel parking lot, Chachamaru had gotten out his cellphone to call Gackt, and as they hurried out of the car determined to outrun whatever crazy people were in the truck following them he was hurriedly telling Gackt about what was happening.

Behind them a man leapt out of the truck yelling for them to run for the hotel and that he'd already called 911. Confused, they hurried into the hotel. When the police arrived they finally got to find out why the truck had followed them all the way back. As he'd been driving along coincidentally following them, he'd seen the silhouette of a man appear in the backseat as if rising from a crouch, with a butcher knife held ready to stab one of them. He'd flashed his brights to try and alert them and the figure had ducked back out of sight. This had gone on right up until they had stopped.

Gackt, who had come down to meet them in the lobby, had only one thing to say, “And neither of you noticed?”

Ju-ken looked a little sheepish, and admitted in a slightly strained voice. “I never even looked in the back seat.”

“I might have,” Chachamaru said looking a little pale, “after I looked in the side mirror and got blinded by the headlights, but I didn't see anything.”

You, who had also come down to the lobby, said helpfully, “I guess this'll teach us to lock the car and always check the back seat.”


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Aug. 18th, 2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
Hey, I know this story! Poor oblivious Chacha and Ju-Ken...
Aug. 25th, 2013 01:16 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, they're so oblivous in this XD That's because it should really be one person in the story, but the challenge requires at least two people ^^
Aug. 20th, 2013 03:15 am (UTC)
I've heard of this story too! And I was just robling (rolling on the bed laughing) that it takes place between Minnesota and Wisconsin... I live in Michigan XD

Love your mood icon too XD

(Did you see that you and pirate_mozart have the same current music? THAT'S creepy ;))
Aug. 25th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC)
I think it's a pretty well known story XD I think I've only been to Michigan once, for some camp thing when I was a kid lol But it ironic that your so close to the location as well XD

I selected crazy for the mood and was like 'woah! I should use this mood icon more often!' XDD

(I know right, XD We did that on purpose ^^)
Aug. 25th, 2013 04:57 am (UTC)
Now to try and squeeze out the story that's in my head for this week (luckily it's due on Monday ^^;;)...

Some mood icons are pretty epic ^_^

(You sneaky sneaky XD)
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