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Summer Challenge #3: The Outlaw Years

Written July 18th for the prompt "Another World" which requires GacktJOB to take the roles of characters from your favorite TV series from the GacktJOB fics summer challenge. I haven't watched a TV series in so long, well, some anime, but I wanted to do a series that wasn't anime. So I dug out my Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years DVD set and stuck it in. This was the result. There's some cursing (Newt Call's horse is called the Hell Bitch, after all, and that goes straight back to the book), and character death (what's a Western without a shoot-out after all?). It was a tough decision, Gackt as Call or Mosby... In the end I went with Call cause he's really the main character. Anyways... Description: Featuring GacktJOB as the cast of Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years. When Ju-ken gets kidnapped by a group of unsavory men he beat at cards, it's up to Gackt to rescue him.

Newt Call (a bounty hunter, used to be married to Josiah's daughter): Gackt
Clay Mosby (the Southern gentleman who owns the Ambrosia Club): Ju-ken
Austin Peale (the Sheriff, he's sort of Mosby's crony): You
Josiah Peale (Austin's morally upright but possibly dippy father): Chachamaru
Dr. Cleese: Jun-ji
The Bad Guys: Ryu, Chirolyn

Ju-ken hated to lose, it was part of what had made this Southern gentleman into a wealthy man. It was a sentiment that he paid particular attention to when he chose to gamble at his own establishment. The house couldn't always win—that was bad for business in its own way—but that didn't mean he had to lose. It was better to win.

He'd never considered throwing a match for any reason other than pure profit, so even when the two strangers from out of town he was gambling with started to get angry, he didn't pay it much heed. If they got out of hand, he'd throw them out. If they got really out of hand, he'd have You drive them out of town—one of the benefits of having a pet Sheriff.

When they finally lost so badly that they had no money to continue trying to win back their losses, they tried to take back the winnings by force. Of course, Ju-ken was prepared for that. He had a gun on them before the words had hardly left the leader, an unsavory sort called Ryu's, mouth.

“You're a damn cheat,” the gritty man growled, “we want our money back.” His companion, Chirolyn, nodded and made a show of spitting on the floor—quite the show of confidence considering Ju-ken was the one who already had his pistol in hand.

Seeing the commotion, You was soon at his side hand on his own pistol. “Something the matter here, boys?”

“Rules are rules,” Ju-ken drawled, “if you don't like my rules than go somewhere else.” He glanced at You, “Why don't you show these gentleman out of town. I think they've outlived their welcome in Curtis Wells.”

“You'll regret this,” Ryu snarled, as You man-handled him to the door.

Ju-ken chose to ignore him.


Late that night, after nearly all of the lamps were put out, Ryu and Chirolyn returned and took the sleeping Ju-ken by surprise, bashing him over the head and tying him up. They encountered some resistance in the form of a surprisingly still awake You, who was just stepping out of the Sheriff's office to get some air.

Seeing the two suspicious figures, he called out, “You there, hold it.”

Exchanging quick glances, Ryu and Chirolyn seemed to make a quick plan. Ryu dumped the unconscious Ju-ken solely into Chirolyn's arms, and drew his pistol.

“How about you hold it right there, Sheriff,” he sneered, “or Mr. Ju-ken doesn't wake up to see another day.”

You wasn't left with much of a choice—there was no way he could shoot Ryu before he shot Ju-ken, not with Ryu's gun up against the other man's head like that. “Alright, just take it easy.” He said, “I'm sure we can work this out.”

“I'm sure we can,” Ryu said, “now how about you just put down your gun and go back inside. Don't try anything, or I might get twitchy.”

You glanced around, searching futilely for some sort of better option, but there was nothing, and he was forced to do as the other man ordered and return to the Sheriff's office. Of course, that didn't mean he had to stay there, and almost as soon as he'd gotten inside he headed out the other door and around to try and catch them unawares from the side.

That turned out to be a mistake, Chirolyn—apparently relieved from his job carrying Ju-ken just to catch You unawares—met him as he was coming. A few shots were fired into the night, and then Ryu and Chirolyn rode out of town with Ju-ken slung over the front of Ryu's horse like a sack of grain.


“Is he going to be alright?” You's worried father, Chachamaru, asked Dr. Jun-ji, as he stood in the doctor's office early the next morning looking down at his wounded son.

“He won't be riding any time soon, but I think we got to him in time.” Dr. Jun-ji reassured him. “I wonder what happened?”

“I don't know,” Chachamaru replied, “but I'd like to find out.”

“Nobody's come forward to say anything to me about it,” Dr. Jun-ji pointed out, “and You's the Sheriff, with him out of commission who will look into it?”

Chachamaru chewed his lip thoughtfully, “I'm going to go talk to Gackt.”

“Good idea,” the doctor agreed, “he'll know what to do, but do you think he'll do it? Him and You aren't on the best of terms.”

“But they used to be, I like to think he still cares about You in his own way. I'll be going now. Let me know if anything changes.”

Chachamaru stepped out onto the street, and headed for the Lonesome Dove, searching for his wayward former son-in-law, Gackt. It was true that You and Gackt hadn't gotten along in a long time, You was bitter because Gackt had left, and Gackt... Well, he just hadn't been the same ever since Chachamaru's daughter—Gackt's wife—had died. But that didn't change the fact that if you wanted to sort out trouble, Gackt was the man for the job. He'd earned himself quite a reputation as a bounty hunter. Folks said he'd do anything, if the price was right. Chachamaru just hoped he'd be willing to do this much for them simply because they were family.

He found Gackt not at the Lonesome Dove as he'd expected, but out by the stables, brushing the white mare he called the Hell Bitch.

“You's been hurt,” he started the conversation to the point, even if saying it made his voice go a little wavery.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Gackt wanted to know in his typical less-than-sunny manner.

“Until he's up and about, there's no Sheriff,” Chachamaru pointed out, “and I was hoping you could find out who did it.”

“Why should I?” Gackt growsed, but Chachamaru wasn't about to relent.

“We don't know who shot him or why. Curtis Wells could be in danger. You is in danger.”

Gackt grunted in a decidedly non-committal way.

“Please, Gackt.”


In all this world there was only a handful of people who could convince Gackt Camui to do something for no reason other than the goodness of his heart. Chachamaru was one of them. It was hard to face the other man sometimes—it made him think of his lost wife; made him feel guilty about her death and about running off afterwards.

Thanks to that guilt he found himself riding along through the wilderness following the trail the two riders had left last night. He'd find them and bring them in, dead or alive he wasn't too particular, not even when the law was, and well, You was the law in Curtis Wells—at least he liked to say that—he wouldn't be all that upset if the men who'd attacked him wound up dead.

He reigned in the Hell Bitch; there was smoke just ahead. A small fire on the other side of the rise perhaps? Maybe the men he was tracking had stopped to make camp. He had been riding quite a while...

Gackt slid out of the saddle, taking the reins and leading the Hell Bitch into a thicker stand of trees before tying her up, mostly out of sight. If it was the people who'd gone after You, it was better if they didn't see him coming. He slid his pistol out of it's holster and crept along low to the ground, until he topped the rise and saw a makeshift camp.

There were three men there, who he'd seen go into the Ambrosia Club yesterday evening. One was cooking something over the fire, the other was grousing about his cooking. The third was sitting with his back to Gackt. He circled, keeping close to the ground and staying safely in the cover of the brush.

Was that Ju-ken? Yes, it was. The third man was that bastard Ju-ken who'd always been trying to steal his wife. He was tied up and looked seriously irritated. Gackt didn't really feel like helping him, but he'd already told Chachamaru he'd take care of the men who'd gotten You. Obviously, these two were the culprits. You must have been trying to stop them from abducting Ju-ken.

Well, Ju-ken probably wouldn't appreciate being rescued by him either. He'd just have to comfort himself with that. He shifted his position, raising his pistol to take aim. He could've aimed faster, but the two men were giving him plenty of time to work with.

He fired a warning shot, taking out the complainer with a shot to the thigh. The man's leg collapsed under him as he howled in pain and started cursing up a storm. The man cooking over the fire scrambled for his weapon, with a yelp of, “Ryu!”

“Easy now boys,” he advised, nice and loud so they could hear him, “I'm taking you in. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Just shoot the damn bastard, Chirolyn!” The man he'd shot—Ryu—yowled.

Cool as ice, Gackt shot the gun out of Chirolyn's hand, but while he was doing this Ryu had managed to drag himself upright again and had drawn his own pistol, pointing it at Ju-ken.

“Whoever you are, I'm sure you wouldn't want to see Mr. Ju-ken dead.”

Gackt made a face. That made things tricky, it was true. Sure, he didn't like Ju-ken, but wanting him dead was another matter. He hesitated, but then came to a quick decision. Ryu hadn't spotted him yet, he had the advantage. Sure, if he missed Ju-ken was done for, but Gackt never missed.

He took the shot, and Ryu fell, blood pouring out of him to spatter over Ju-ken. Ju-ken flinched and a look that might have been irritation crossed his face. Gackt stood and made his way over to the cringing Chirolyn. He looked at him contemptuously, and then whacked the outlaw over the head with the butt of his pistol. He slumped to the ground unconscious.

Then he turned to the business of untying Ju-ken.

“Thank you for your help, Mr. Camui,” Ju-ken drawled, doing his best to keep control of what was both an irritating and embarrassing situation for him.

“Wasn't doing it for you,” Gackt grumbled. They tied up Chirolyn and slung him over the back of his horse. Then Gackt went and got the Hell Bitch and they rode back into town with Ju-ken on Ryu's horse while Gackt led Chirolyn's horse, leaving the dead Ryu behind.

The End.


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Jul. 19th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC)
It's a western!! I'm not sure if I'd of picked Gackt as Mosby or Call, either ^^ Nice!
Jul. 27th, 2013 02:08 pm (UTC)
Right! Smooth, confident Mosby or bad-ass Call, such a tough decision! Thanks~ ^^
Jul. 21st, 2013 05:19 pm (UTC)
Ha! the boys as cowboys; Gackt's dreams come true! Poor Ryu, vulture food. Good story :D
Jul. 27th, 2013 02:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks~! I thought cowboys would be a nice choice XD
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