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Summer Challenge #9: Flight

Written August 31st through September 1st for the prompt 'Driving in Darkness' from the GacktJOB fics summer challenge. For some reason (okay it's because I've been reading some of the books lately) I wanted to do a Star Wars cross-over fic for this one. Although I don't know much about Sato, I guess he's younger which is why he had to be the main character as Gackt's padawan learner. Description: Jedi apprentice Sato is piloting a ship solo on a return trip to Coruscant with his wounded master Gackt when he receives a message from the Jedi temple that will change the future of the Jedi forever. A Star Wars cross-over fic set at the end of Episode III.

His hands gripped the controls, no longer shaking but still exhausted. He couldn't remember the last time he slept, the only thing he dared to think of now was the hours left till Coruscant. He didn't dare think of his master—whether the older man would survive those long hours was something he no longer had control of. Fear is of the dark side, he mustn't give in to it.

He wondered yet again if he'd made a mistake pulling out of the combat when he did. His master's injury was grievous, certainly, but taking him away from the medical care provided there on the field of duty was probably about the worst thing to do. He'd done it anyway. He'd been afraid—thought for some insane reason that leaving was the only way either of them would survive.

It was crazy talk. His master could still easily die here, on the small ship he'd commandeered in his master's name. There were no medics here to help him. And behind him, it seemed, there was no more war to be fighting.

At least, that's what the message he'd received had said. It was coded, and ordered all the Jedi to return to the temple. The war was over. He'd been extremely relieved when he'd first read it. If they were ordered to return, no-one would blame him for leaving his post. He'd just say he was following orders—it was a lie, and he wasn't sure his conscience would permit it, but it was a vague hope he held onto anyway.

He had to hang onto something, or he'd never make it. He'd discovered partway out that there was a bug in the ships navcomputer, and he didn't dare leave the controls until he was certain the glitch wouldn't cause them to crash into something spectacularly. Autopilot was a blessing, when it worked. He needed to make sure it worked. He'd pulled them out of hyperspace to run a diagnostic before they hurtled through a planet or something. The astromech droid he'd brought with them when he'd fled was working tirelessly at repairing the problem. Meanwhile, he was steering them by hand, unwilling to simply sit motionless while the repairs went on. It probably wouldn't make a difference in how fast they returned, but, then again, perhaps mere minutes would make the difference in his master's survival. He didn't know.

He glanced at the time. The night—or what felt like it should be night to him anyway—was half over. His second sleepless night. He wondered again why he didn't just stop and get help. There were any number of Republic planets between here and Coruscant where he could seek medical aid for his master. There among the darkness and stars that littered the viewport was a place willing to help him. Yet his feelings warned him against it. It was probably fear again, nibbling away at his tired mind and warping his perceptions, but he couldn't seem to push the feeling aside. His master had always told him to mind his feelings. He would do so tonight, even when reason told him they were wrong.

“Sato,” his master's voice, feint though it was, was clearly audible to his overstressed senses, and he very nearly threw the ship into a stop and leapt from his chair to race to the back room of the small ship.

The little ship he'd taken was hardly more than a fighter, with a sort of command center for the piloting and most of the engineering access and another room for living quarters. It took him mere seconds to reach the bed where his master had been lying unconscious since before this journey had begun.

“Master,” he cried, trying not to allow relief at seeing the older man awake overcome him completely, “you're awake.”

“Yes.” His master said simply, trying for a moment to sit up, and then coming to the conclusion that he would have to remain prone for the time being, “Where are we?”

“En route to Coruscant. The war's over. We've been recalled.”

His master, injured though he was knew Sato well enough to know he was leaving something out. “And?”

“And nothing.”

“Don't think you can trick me just because of a little wound.” His Master's formidable blue eyes fixed a steady gaze on him and he cringed inwardly.

“I might have taken off before the order came. I had a bad feeling.” He tried to explain, then because he really didn't like telling his master half-truths he added, “I might have been afraid.”

“I have always told you to trust your feelings,” his master said, “but it was wrong to abandon our duties prematurely.”

“Yes, master.” He agreed. “Will you be alright?” Surely he would be, he was awake now and his mind was quite clear. Sato was pretty sure that was a good sign.

“It's too soon to be certain.” Was the less than reassuring answer he received.

He chewed his lip, “Well, will you be alright for a few minutes? I should go check on the droid to see if we're good to go.”

His master quirked one perfectly arched eyebrow, “Oh?”

“Um, just a little glitch, but I thought it was safer to fix it rather than flying with it,” he said quickly, “I've got it under control.”

“Perhaps we should land, and get it fixed.” His master suggested, and Sato was once again reminded of how landing could also help his master.

“I... Don't think it's a good idea.” He said hesitantly.

“A feeling?”

He nodded.

“Trust your feelings. Now, go check on the droid. I won't die in the next few minutes if that's what has you worried.”

“Yes, master.” He agreed before going to do just that.

The astromech droid reported—in beeps and whistles that Sato wouldn't have been able to intrepret without the help of the computer—that the diagnostic and subsequent repairs were going well—so well, in fact, that they were nearly complete. Then, to Sato's surprise the little droid politely inquired about his master's health—he wasn't accustomed to astromech droids being so sociable, the last one he'd worked with had communicated solely about repairs and orders he had received. Then again, he'd heard that some of the jedi had a better relationship with their droids, so maybe he shouldn't have been surprised.

“Master Gackt is awake, so I guess that's a good sign. He says he'll be alright, at least for a little while.” Sato told the droid. The droid beeped in relief, and then after a moments silence, whirred a hasty statement. The repairs were complete.

“Okay, I'd better get us moving then.” He said, turning away from the droid and back to the console to take up the controls again. As he was about to start them moving again, he noticed a light flashing. They'd received a message of some kind.

He flipped it on, it was encoded, but it was a code he was ready to deal with—clearly the message had originated at the temple. Perhaps another update? All the jedi had already been summoned back to the temple, what more could there be to say? He listened to the message, and as he listened the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach turned into a lump of dread.

The message told a different story than the first. There would be no return to Coruscant for the end of a war, this message was a warning. Do not return. Hide.

He inhaled a breath shakily. The end of the jedi... Could it be? He stood, and wobbled back to his master's bedside.

Gackt's eyes were shut, and when he cautiously called to him, he made no response. Perhaps he'd fallen asleep. After a few failed attempts to rouse him, Sato decided that wasn't the case. Maybe he'd gone into a healing trance—healing wasn't his master's forte, but it was possible... He probed with the force, but got no indication that his master was doing anything at all but laying there.

He squeezed his eyes shut, taking deep breaths to expel his feelings and not be overwhelmed. Gackt was still alive, and the temple had ordered them to leave and go into hiding. The Republic could no longer be trusted.

He made his way back to the cockpit, and settled at the controls. Behind him the astromech droid, unaware of what was happening remained unhelpfully silent. He was on his own. He'd have to decide what to do.

Trust your feelings, was what his master had said. Even if he didn't feel like he could trust his own feelings, he could trust Gackt and Gackt believed in him. He was counting on him.

Exhaling the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, he started up the engine and turned the ship around, away from Coruscant—away from civilization and medical assistance and away from whatever betrayal had occurred—and towards the outlying planets that often went unnoticed by the center of the Republic. Somewhere out there, they would disappear.

He put the coordinates into the navcomputer, just before he threw the hyperdrive into gear he looked around at the stars and the darkness of space and wondered, would they ever return? He didn't know. He pulled the lever and the stars streaked around him.

Perhaps they would never be seen again.


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Sep. 2nd, 2013 08:02 pm (UTC)
*love love love*

If I remember right, when Best of the Best was starting, OGYD had a post introducing the new people and Sato is 30 and Kei is 28 (at least when the tour started). But Sato looks like he's 12 X3 He's adorable ^_^

I hope they found somewhere to live in peace, even if it was a hard life. *snuggles them*
Sep. 2nd, 2013 08:33 pm (UTC)

Yeah, Kei was my other possibility since he's younger as well ^^ But Sato just looks so young that he's extra perfect XD
Sep. 12th, 2013 02:35 am (UTC)
And you've given me a whole idea set for this universe, taking off from them landing on a planet... Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgh... Didn't need more ideas XD

Sep. 18th, 2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
Too many ideas can be a problem XD
Sep. 22nd, 2013 09:18 pm (UTC)
Yep, especially when you're then so busy you can't think of any of them 0_o...
Sep. 8th, 2013 03:26 pm (UTC)
Gackt plus Star Wars. I never would've come up with this one, but I like it ^^
Sep. 18th, 2013 06:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^^ That's what I get for digging out my old Star Wars books and reading them, lol
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