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Written July 31st through August 2nd for the prompt "Symbolic" from the GacktJOB fics summer challenge.  I really had no time to write this week so this is kind of...  Thrown together.  I used the online Dream Moods Dream Dictionary a lot for this. Description: Chachamaru had a strange dream, and now You is going to interpret it.

“I had the strangest dream,” Chachamaru said as he flopped in a chair with an expression of long suffering.

“Strange? How so?” You asked.

“Just... lots of weird stuff appearing all over the place.” Chachamaru explained.

“Did you know having weird dreams indicates something going on in your life?” Jun-ji inserted from where he was seated a few feet away.

“Yeah, I've heard that...” Chacha replied, “but I think it's a little silly.”

“Here,” You said, flipping open his computer and googling 'dream meanings,' “let's find out what your dream means.”

“Yeah,” Jun-ji encouraged, “tell us all about it.”

“Well, first there was this vampire.” Chachamaru began.

You hurriedly added 'vampire' to his search.

“What did he look like?” Jun-ji asked.

“Hmm, kind of like Gackt only skinnier.”

You decided if he typed scrawny-Gackt-vampire it wouldn't come up with anything. Ah, there was vampire. Vampire: symbol of seduction and sensuality, but also fear and death.

“Then he started chasing me, but I couldn't run very fast because for some reason I was wearing black pantyhose, and if I ran too fast it would tear.”

“That is weird,” Jun-ji said understandingly while You furiously googled 'black pantyhose' and tried not to laugh hysterically. Apparently it represented hidden sexuality waiting to be expressed.

“I know, right? After that I got hungry, so I stopped to eat a papaya.”

You honestly didn't even know what a papaya looked like. He typed it into his search anyway, and was amused to find that eating a papaya implies a healthy sex drive.

“Didn't the vampire catch you when you stopped?” You asked, encouraging Chacha to continue the story.

“Well, no. For some reason he didn't catch me, but he was closing in, so I threw the papaya at him...”

“Wait... What?!” Gackt who had stepped into the doorway partway through Chachamaru's answer, demanded. “Who's been chasing you?”

Chacha looked a little embarrassed.

“Come on and sit down,” Jun-ji said by way of explanation, “Chachamaru's telling us about the weird dream he had.”

“We're going to interpret it and see what it really means.” You added helpfully.

“Really?” Gackt pulled up a chair, “So, who was chasing you?”

“A vampire.” Chacha explained.

“He was skinny and looked a little like you,” Jun-ji added, “I asked.

Chacha appeared a tad embarrassed, “Only a little bit. You know, probably just because you have this whole vampire image thing so obviously vampires should look like you.”

Gackt nodded sagely, “Of course. So he was chasing you, ready to devour your sweet blood.”

“But I couldn't run away because, um,” Chacha muttered something indistinct. It had been bad enough saying it the once, he didn't really want to admit it again.

“What?” Gackt said, leaning in since he obviously hadn't heard properly.

“He was wearing black pantyhose and they might rip if he ran real fast!” You cackled. “That's the best part so far.”

Jun-ji shot him a reproachful look, “We're trying to help him understand his dream, not mock him for it. Even if it is funny.”

You looked only a tiny bit abashed, “Right, of course. I've been taking notes. We'll soon get to the bottom of this.”

“Okay, so when I came in he was throwing a papaya at the vampire,” Gackt inserted, “was there anything else?”

“Well, he was eating the papaya, but that basically covers it,” Jun-ji said.

“Okay. So then what? Did the vampire get you?” Gackt asked Chachamaru.

“No, but... the pantyhose tore.”

“That'd be a problem.” Gackt said, somehow managing to keep his expression perfectly neutral.

You added torn pantyhose to his inquires. He found, 'If your pantyhose has a run or a tear...' That was basically the same thing so he made a mental note of what it said about the meaning. While pantyhose in general showed 'alluring sexuality', if it had a run it represented a 'lack of self-esteem or loss of self confidence.' Right. This was very interesting indeed.

You realized with a start that Chachamaru was still talking and he'd missed part of the dream. Oh well, it probably wasn't important, right? He tuned in just in time to hear the word, “Garter.” Okay, he had to know what that was about.

“Wait, I missed something.” You interrupted the other man, “What about a garter?”

“I was just saying how it turned out I had a garter on.” Chacha explained.

“To go with the pantyhose,” Jun-ji added, “it sort of makes sense, sort of doesn't.”

“And I ripped it off and started whipping the vampire with it because he'd gotten too close.” Chachamaru continued.

Quickly, he typed in 'garter.' 'Wearing a garter indicates seduction and looking to be more sexually adventurous.' It just got better and better.

“And then I jumped on a water slide to escape him, and I was finally able to get away.” Chachamaru concluded.

You looked up the meaning of water slides and found water park instead. That was close enough, but the meaning (something about emotional highs and satisfaction) didn't fit well with the overall theme he'd been assembling, so he decided to discard it.

“That is strange,” Jun-ji said.

Gackt nodded, then turned to look at You, “So, you've been typing away furiously over there, what do you think it means?”

You grinned, “My research indicates only one possible conclusion.” They waited expectantly while he let the silence hang like an imaginary drumroll.

“Chachamaru is sex deprived.”

Chachamaru colored up and glowered at him, “Hey!”

Gackt, however, just smirked and said, “We could fix that.”

You laughed and clapped Gackt on the shoulder, “Or maybe you really are the vampire he's trying to run away from and it isn't just that the vampire kind of looks like you.”

Jun-ji tried not to laugh too hard, “Sorry. I shouldn't laugh.”

Chachamaru sighed, “Next time I'll just keep my dreams to myself.”