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GacktJOB Fic Archive

It's time to make an archive for all my Gackt and GacktJOB fics! Usually I would have started it sooner, XD. Let's hope it continues to grow ^^


Requiem of Seduction  Gackt/Tatsuya Ueda (NC-17) (Warning: Smut, vampires)
Status: complete
Tatsuya is lonely and in need of a job, but when he accepts a job offer from a handsome man who calls himself Gackt, Tatsuya gets more than he bargained for. And it’s not just that Gackt also happens to be a vampire that has Tatsuya concerned.
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Do You Remember When This First Started?  Gackt/You (G)
You's been doing the same crazy stunt for Gackt's birthday for the past six years. Generally speaking, this year is no different.

Too Many Witnesses  Gackt/Chachamaru (NC-17) (Warning: Smut on the subway, cross-dressing)
Gackt is bored, in order to relieve that boredom he cons Chachamaru into a skirt and a little bit of public sex. After all, no-one will notice in the crowd, right?

The Outlaw Years (PG-13) (Warning: Character death, minor cursing)
Featuring GacktJOB as the cast of Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years. When Ju-ken gets kidnapped by a group of unsavory men he beat at cards, it's up to Gackt to rescue him.

Moon  Gackt-centric (PG-13) (Warning: Vampires)
Gackt is becoming a vampire, or is he?

Dream Interpretation (PG-13)
Chachamaru had a strange dream, and now You is going to interpret it.

Thirst Gackt-centric (PG-13) (Warning: Vampires) After Moon
While avoiding his bandmates, the heat helps Gackt feel alive.

Headlights  Ju-ken/Chachamaru (PG-13)
Ju-ken and Chachamaru meet up for a date in the States, but afterwards someone follows them back.

Omen  Gackt-centric (PG-13) (Warning: Vampires) After Thirst
Gackt and You go out on the town a few days after Gackt first drank You's blood, but while there out they encounter some unexpected people who seem to have something to do with how he became this way.

Flight  Sato-centric (PG)
Jedi apprentice Sato is piloting a ship solo on a return trip to Coruscant with his wounded master Gackt when he receives a message from the Jedi temple that will change the future of the Jedi forever. A Star Wars cross-over fic set at the end of Episode III.

Destiny  Gackt-centric (PG-13) (Warning: Vampires) After Omen
When Gackt and You meet someone at a bar, Gackt suddenly remembers how he became a vampire.  With his friends at his side, Gackt is ready to face the future.